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WinOrganizer provides an ability to view current activities and events all in one place. The Today section is used exactly for this purpose. Just choose a date and a view mode, and all details about your tasks and events will be clearly visible.

Important: Only those records (events, tasks, contacts, passwords, notes) that have a date or alarm set will appear in the Today window. Furthermore, they will be displayed in the Today window only if files to which they belong are specified in the database and marked with the Track dates option. For more details go to the Database manager section.

The Today section can display data in two modes:
  • Calendar. Displays records that have a date set, and this date belongs to a date filter specified for the document that contains this record.
  • Planner Displays records that have a date and alarm set. By default, the planner doesn't display events that don't have any alarms set or have the "whole day" duration. At this, date filter is ignored. To display events that last the whole day or don't have any alarms (for instance, holidays, etc.), click the button .
Example of the Today window:

On the toolbar, date, appearance and other control buttons are displayed in the upper part of the window:
Enables to select a date to be displayed with corresponding tasks and events.

Displays events and tasks in the Calendar mode
Displays events and tasks of a day in the Planner mode.

Displays events and tasks of a week in the Planner mode.

Displays events and tasks of a month in the Planner mode.

Show events that last the whole day
Allows you to display events that last the whole day (without an alarm). This button is available in the Planner mode only.

Navigation bar
Allows you to show or hide the navigation bar displayed in the left pane of the Today window. The navigation bar contains a calendar for quick switching of dates and calendar/planner switch buttons.

Show the tasks completed
Enables you to display completed tasks in the calendar and planner view.

Allows you to print contents of the Today window displayed in the current mode. In calendar mode, you can print out the Calendar; in the planner mode, you can print the Planner page.

Print Preview
Allows you to preview calendar or planner items that will be printed.


Displays records that have a date set, and this date belongs to a date filter specified for the document that contains this record.

Example of the Today - Calendar window:

The calendar window is divided into two parts.
The left pane contains a list of events: notes, contacts or passwords with a fixed date (item 1 in the figure). The right pane displays a list of tasks (item 2 in the figure).


Displays records that have a date and time set, as well as all records that have a set alarm. At this, date filter is ignored. To specify a display interval in the planner, use the Day, Week, Month buttons of the toolbar.

Example of the Today - Planner - Day window:

A time scale is displayed in the left part of the planner. Events or tasks set for the given time are displayed on the right. This time scale changes depending on the selected display interval (day, week, or month).
If some point of time has a corresponding event or task set, this point of time is marked with the blue color on the time scale (item 1 in the figure).
Tasks and events that last the whole day (with certain alarms) are displayed in the planner heading together with events that last the whole day with no alarms set (item 2 in the figure).

Right-clicking a task or event opens a pop-up menu for both the Calendar and the Planner. Use this menu to perform one of the following actions: Edit a record, or Follow this record in the main window of the program.
Double-clicking a desired event (task) opens the corresponding event/task editing dialog box.

The status bar of the Today window contains information about the total number of records that have a date or alarm set. This information is supported by the date and time of the nearest event/task.

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