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Sections and keywords


On generation of HTML-report templates, the following conventions are used:

#    comment, is placed in the beginning of a line.
A text that follows this sign is not included at report generation
[%%. . .%%] report section
%%. . .%% keyword
@@. . .@@ field title
$$. . .$$ field value


[%% . . . %%] - report section. A report template contains seven obligatory sections in a strictly defined order.

[%%ReportDescription=" "%%]

[%%ReportType=. . .%%]    section for a report type, where ". . ." is substituted by one of the following values: Tasks - for tasks, Contacts- for contacts, Events - for events, Notes - for notes, Passwords - for passwords, selText- for printing selected text from any document type, Tree- for printing the document tree
[%%ReportCaption=". . ."%%] section, in which a report name is given in quotation marks
[%%ReportDescription=". . ."%%] section, in which a report description is given in quotation marks
[%%HEADER%%] report heading section
[%%ROWTABLE%%] data section
[%%COMMENTS%%] comment section
[%%FOOTER%%] report end section


%%. . .%% - keyword.
On report template generation, the program uses a number of keywords that are substituted upon printing - by a certain text, images, text blocks, etc.
Keywords are divided into two groups: general (for all reports) and unique (for reports of a certain type).
The full list of keywords with brief comments is given below.

General keywords:

%%ReportTitle%%    report name
%%Caption%% report title
%%Charset%% codepage
%%ImgCaption%% image of the printed report
%%BGColor%% background color
%%FontColor%% font color
%%Comments%% comments
%%IgnoreHtmlTitle%% value of the Title field. If the title field contains HTML structures, they will be ignored.
%%Alarm%% if the given document has an alarm, the bell icon () is output.
%%AllFields%% all fields for the current document, in the "name - value" format
%%DaysLeft%% days left before the date of an event/task

Keywords for printing tasks:

%%CompletedPercent%%    indicates the percentage of task completeness. If a task is completed, the icon is displayed.
%%Priority%% task priority icon (for example, - the highest priority)
%%State%% task state (Completed, Awaiting, etc.)

Keywords for printing contacts:

%%Gender%%    gender (male/female)
%%PhotoFName%% photo for the given contact
%%LogoFName%% logo of the given contact

Keywords for printing selected text:

%%SelectText%% selected text;

Keywords for printing the document tree:

%%Tree%% outputs the document tree with icons;

Titles and field values

@@. . .@@    field title
$$. . .$$ field value

Each report type has its own list of fields available for printing both as titles and field values. For instance, to output the Title field name, you need to use the @@Title@@ record, and to output its content - $$Title$$.
The list of all fields grouped by a document type and written without special characters (@@ and $$) is given below.

General fields for all document types:

Title    record title
Created date and time of record creation
Updated date and time of the last record modification
Date date
Time time
Age age

List of fields for notes:

No unique fields.

List of fields for events:

No unique fields.

List of fields for tasks:

CompletedDate    date of task completion
CompletedTime time of task completion
CompletedPercent percentage of task completeness. If a task is completed, $$CompletedPercent$$ (unlike the %%CompletedPercent%% keyword) outputs the value of 100 and does not insert the completed task icon ()
Assignee a person who carries out a task

List of fields for contacts:

Personal data:
PrimaryPhone    associated phone number
NamePrefix prefix
FirstName first name
MiddleName middle name
LastName last name
NameSuffix suffix
FullName full name
NickName nickname (alias)
Birthday date of birth
Spouse spouse
Anniversary wedding anniversary
Children children
PhotoFName photo file name

Home communications:
DialPrefixHome    phone number prefix
MobileHome mobile (cellular) phone
MobileHome2 mobile (cellular) phone 2
PhoneHome phone
PhoneHome2 phone 2
PhoneHome3 phone 3
PhoneHome4 phone 4
PhoneRadioHome radio phone
FaxHome fax
PagerHome pager
PhoneAutoHome auto phone
PhoneTelexHome telex
PhoneIPHome IP-phone
EmailHome E-mail
Email2Home E-mail 2
Email3Home E-mail 3
Email4Home E-mail 4
WebPageHome Web-page

Home postal address:
CountryHome    country
ZipCodeHome Zip code
StateHome state (region)
CityHome city
StreetHome street

Business information:
Company    name of an organization
CompanyPhone company phone
JobTitle position
Department department
Office office
Boss boss/chief
Helper assistant
LogoFName logo file name

Business communications:
DialPrefixBusiness    phone number prefix
MobileBusiness mobile (cellular) phone
MobileBusiness2 mobile (cellular) phone 2
PhoneBusiness phone
PhoneBusiness2 phone 2
PhoneBusiness3 phone 3
PhoneBusiness4 phone 4
PhoneRadioBusiness radio phone
FaxBusiness fax
PagerBusiness pager
PhoneISDNBusiness ISDN
PhoneAutoBusiness auto phone
PhoneTelexBusiness telex
PhoneIPBusiness IP-phone
ICQBusiness ICQ
EmailBusiness E-mail
Email2Business E-mail 2
Email3Business E-mail 3
Email4Business E-mail 4
MSNBusiness MSN
AOLBusiness AOL
WebPageBusiness Web-page

Business postal address:
CountryBusiness    country
ZipCodeBusiness Zip code
StateBusiness state (region)
CityBusiness city
StreetBusiness street

List of fields for passwords:
Location    location (address)
UserName user name
AccountN account number
Password password

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