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Dialing a phone number

The Dialer window helps you dial a telephone number via available modem.


Main controls:

The Number field

This field is used to enter and display the current telephone number.

You can enter phone numbers either manually, or using one of the following methods:
  • select a number from the dropdown list of call history,
  • get the required number from the Speed dial toolbar,

Dial pad buttons

Use these buttons to enter a telephone number or select one of the previously called numbers, and call the person.

 -  Entering numbers 0..9
Numerical buttons (0 - 9) operate the same way as on a traditional phone device. By clicking these buttons you can add corresponding digits to the Number field.

Wait for long tone
Adds the "wait for long tone" symbol to the Number field.

Deletes the last digit/symbol in the Number field.

Use this command to clear contents of the Number field.

History of outgoing calls. Displays last 10 outgoing calls in the dropdown list and the Clear button (to clear the call history).
Choosing one of the numbers sends corresponding data to the Number field.

Dial the Number
The Dial the Number button is used for dialing a phone number entered in the Number field. After you click this button, its name changes to Hang Up and the phone number dialing is started.
To cancel the dialing, click the Hang Up button.
To start talking over the phone, pick up the phone and then click the Hang Up button.

The process of dialing is displayed in the status line.

Redial if busy
The Redial if busy button is designed for recurrent dialing (if the line is busy).

Pause for X seconds
Lets you set a pause (in seconds) between calls if the number being dialed is busy.

The Speed dial button group

Use the Speed dial toolbar to store and get quick access to most frequently used contacts. Here you can enter any numbers you like.

To add a telephone number to the Speed dial toolbar, you can:
  • drag a telephone number from the Number field to any button in the speed dial toolbar using Drag & Drop
  • right-click a button in the speed dial toolbar and select Edit... in the pop-up menu that appears
Right-click any speed dial toolbar button to edit its contents. The pop-up menu that appears on the screen contains two buttons: Edit... and Clear.
The Clear button clears contents of the selected speed dial button.
Clicking the Edit... button displays a dialog box which is used to edit contents of the selected button.
If the selected button doesn't contain any number, the current phone number from the Number field of the main window is automatically placed in the Phone field.
If the selected button contains a contact number, the Name and Phone fields display the previously saved contact data.

For each phone number, you can assign a Name that will be displayed on the speed dial button. If the Name field is left blank, the speed dial button will display the corresponding telephone number.

Status line for the current dial status

It is used to display the currently dialed number:

If you open the Dialer dialog box for the first time, the program will automatically display the Dialer settings dialog box to customize modem settings.
If, later on, you need to adjust modem settings again, just click the dialer settings button .

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